Friday, December 7, 2007

Fedora 8 and Lotus Notes 8 - Java issues!

I finally got around to installing Fedora 8 on my laptop after spending all last week in Dallas at LISA '07 and I am still ironing out some issues (compiz i'm looking in your direction). One thing I have solved is the Lotus 8 installer failing! Essentially the problem boils down to incompatibilities between Sun's Java and F8 - I noticed on the mjmwired page that to use sun java a patch needed to be applied to, and I knew that the lotus installer was using a packaged version of java that was extraced at install time so....
$ cd /home/nate/Desktop/lotus\ 8/
$ sudo ./
When the installer runs you will see

Initializing Wizard........
Extracting Bundled JRE.


Initializing Wizard........
Installing Bundled JRE.


Initializing Wizard........
Verifying JVM.

at this stage (or at Extracing Installation Archive.) press ctrl-z to pause and background the process
$ cd /tmp/istemp{randomnumbershere}/_bundledJRE_/jre
$ for i in `find ./ -name` ; do echo "Found $i, applying patch..." ; \
sudo sed -i 's/XINERAMA/FAKEEXTN/g' $i ; done
$ fg
From this point the installer *should* work correctly and Lotus 8 will install! of course your mileage may vary... let me know if this helps you!

Noticed another possible problem with Notes 8 on Fedora - Incorrect permissions on ~/lotus directory causing lotus to fail to start after a successful installation. To fix that simply remove the folder and start notes again.

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