Thursday, June 5, 2008

Installing projectM with amarok support on Fedora 8

I wanted projectM to work with amarok on my Fedora 8 box... I had done it before but didn't remember the exact steps...

Dependencies: projectM isn't in the standard fedora or livna repos so we have to compile, because compiling doesn't automagically install requisite software like yum does we need to have some packages pre-installed. This list is probably not complete but it's what I had to add (plus dependencies for these packages which are handled by yum):
pulseaudio-libs-devel amarok-visualisation, qt4-devel, cmake, ftgl-devel, glew-devel and subversion

# sudo yum -y install pulseaudio-libs-devel amarok-visualisation qt4-devel cmake ftgl-devel glew-devel subversion

Next we need to download projectM from sourceforge, I like to install the latest bleeding edge software since it generally causes me more pain so I chose the to go with the latest branch from subversion:

# mkdir ~/Download/projectM && cd ~/Download/projectM
# svn co projectM-Trunk
# cd projectM-Trunk/src
# ccmake .
cmake loads. press 'c' to configure: change CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to 'Release' and CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to /usr/
press 'c' again to configure and g to generate makefile

Time to compile:
# make && sudo make install

Now 'projectM-pulseaudio' should be in your Applications ->Video menu (if your using gnome) and it will bump along to any sounds that are playing through pulse. If you have amarok open just restart it and you can launch it from the visualizations menu!

I can't get it to play nice with compiz on an ati card running dual monitors, but with compiz turned off it's fine.

I ripped off a bunch of this from the ubuntu forum (thanks!):
as well as the projectM page itself:

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